Paradigm Engineering

Paradigm Engineering is a diverse student group from Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador (MUN), focusing on developing and demonstrating autonomous racing vehicles. Comprising electrical, software, and mechanical sub-teams, as well as members for administrative tasks and media outreach, the group aims to excel in competitions and elevate Newfoundland and MUN in autonomous vehicle research. Their upcoming project involves participating in the Autonomous Karting Series in Indiana in 2025, a competition challenging teams to create fully autonomous racing go-karts. The project encompasses various engineering aspects, providing valuable experience and contributing to the future of autonomous and robotics industries in the province.

The Software team develops a track and obstacle detection algorithm, guiding the cart through seamless wireless communication with onboard components, ensuring a smooth journey.
This subsystem brings the energy to the team - we are responsible for delivering power to all components on the kart, along with creating the electrical connections to allow the algorithm to communicate with external sensor devices.
The Mechanical Team puts the rubber on the road - our scope includes specifying, designing, modifying & manufacturing all the components necessary to turn a human-controlled go-kart into an autonomous vehicle.
The business team is responsible for the financial management and marketing side of the project, ensuring our team is on track with our budget and has a strong marketing presence.

Sponsors are a cruicial part of our team! They allow us to research, design and fabricate our projects, as well as enable us travel to our competitions! Check out our sponsorship package below for more info!
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