About Us
Who are we?

Paradigm Engineering is a diverse student group from the Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador (MUN). The team includes three engineering sub-teams for electrical, software, and mechanical work. A team of students from various backgrounds has also been made to complete administrative tasks, digital design work, and media outreach.
Team Leads

Ayman Islam
Team Lead
Sam Sheppard
Software Lead
Kyle Lynch
Electrical Lead
Matthew Edison
Mechanical Lead
Ammar Faruqui
Business Lead
What do we do?

We imagine, develop, create, and demonstrate autonomous racing vehicles to compete in various competitions. Our goal is to push Newfoundland and MUN to the forefront of autonomous vehicle research.
Upcoming Plans

The team will be heading to Indiana in 2025 to compete in the Purdue University AKS (Autonomous Karting Series), hosted by the Autonomous Karting Series (AKS). The competition challenges teams to create a fully autonomous racing go-kart, capable of maneuvering an unseen course and racing around other vehicles, all without the aid of human control. The competition was started in 2009 at Purdue University, with the race being held annually at the University’s Grand Prix Track. The competition touches on the topics of machine learning, drive algorithms, electrical power distribution, PCB design, and mechanical design. A project like this provides an unparalleled experience to the team, shaping the future of the autonomous and robotics industries in this province.
Our History

Hyperloop Competition
Paradigm is created, competing in the Hyperloop Competition. Placed second in the world in 2017.
Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition
Post COVID the team competed in the IGVC, placing 2nd in design and 11th overall in 2023
The FMUNTENTH team created an autonomous 1/10th scale racing vehicle. Placed 9th at the competition in Texas, winning most spirited and best dressed as well
Autonomous Karting Series
Paradigm and FMUNTENTH have merged, becoming one team to create a larger scale autonomous racing vehicle. The team is set to compete in the Autonomous Karting Series competition at Purdue University in 2025